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Hệ thống Trắc nghiệm Ôn thi  Công chức Số 1 Việt Nam
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Đề thi công chức Tiếng Anh A2 số 26 ( Free)

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Đề thi công chức Tiếng Anh  A2 số 26 ( Free)
Đề trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh công chức A2 số 26 theo chuẩn của Bộ Nội vụ trên máy tính bao gồm 30 câu: 15 câu trắc nghiệm, 10 câu đục lỗ, 5 câu đọc hiểu. Làm bài và chấm điểm online

Hướng dẫn làm bài

Hướng dẫn làm bài thi trắc nghiệm:

1. Đợi đến khi đến thời gian làm bài
2. Click vào nút "Bắt đầu làm bài" để tiến hành làm bài thi
3. Ở mỗi câu hỏi, chọn đáp án đúng
4. Hết thời gian làm bài, hệ thống sẽ tự thu bài. Bạn có thể nộp bài trước khi thời gian kết thúc bằng cách nhấn nút Nộp bài
Mặc dù câu hỏi và lời giải đã được biên soạn và kiểm tra kỹ lưỡng nhưng trong quá trình thực hiện có thể có sai sót. Mọi đóng góp ý kiến về nội dung và đáp án xin vui lòng comment ngay dưới từng đề thi hoặc inbox Fanpage. Xin trân trọng cảm ơn !

Câu hỏi 1. Rice and chicken, my favorite dish, _____ by my mother.

Câu hỏi 2. Although Maria found it very easy to criticize the poetry of her friend Nicole, she certainly couldn’t write any ___________ herself.

Câu hỏi 3. This hotel isn’t really ___________ to have been given four stars.

Câu hỏi 4. Every day, Sarah _____ her children to school and then _____ home to prepare lunch.

Câu hỏi 5. Until 1965, the southern states of the US didn’t let the vast majority of black people ___________.

Câu hỏi 6. I’m sure we __________ on better terms with the manager if she __________ us so disrespectfully all the time.

Câu hỏi 7. We __________ very busy in the office recently; otherwise, I __________ to see your baby earlier.

Câu hỏi 8. No matter what _____ next, I _____ you.

Câu hỏi 9. The picnic was _____ I had expected.

Câu hỏi 10. The philosopher __________ theories I am writing went insane before he died.

Câu hỏi 11. Jane had intended to spend eleven hours a day studying in the three months before the exam, but she found that she couldn’t __________ her plan.

Câu hỏi 12. When does your class finish? - _____.

Câu hỏi 13. In many instances __________ home burglary, the thieves enter the house __________ an unlocked window or door.

Câu hỏi 14. He warned me _____ all my money in that company.

Câu hỏi 15. Smoking cigarettes is ___________ for the heart ___________ it is for the lungs.

Câu hỏi 16. The marathon is a long-distance running (16)____________ of 42.195 km (26 miles 85 yards) that can be run (17)____________ as a road race or off-road, for example, on mountain trails.The name, “marathon”, (18)____________ from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek soldier, (19)____________ was sent from the town of Marathon to Athens to (20)____________ that the Persians had been miraculously defeated in the Battle of Marathon, it (21)____________ that he ran the entire distance without stopping, but moments after proclaiming his message to the city he (22)____________ dead from exhaustion. The idea of (23)____________ a Marathon race came from Michel Bréal, who wanted the event to feature in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens. This idea was supported by Pierre de Coubertin, the (24)____________ of the modern Olympics. The winner of the first Olympic Marathon in 1896 (a male only race) was Spiridon “Spiros” Louis, a Greek water-carrier. He (25)____________ at the Olympics in 2 hours, 58 minutes and 50 seconds.       

Câu hỏi 17. .

Câu hỏi 18. .

Câu hỏi 19. .

Câu hỏi 20. .

Câu hỏi 21. .

Câu hỏi 22. .

Câu hỏi 23. .

Câu hỏi 24. .

Câu hỏi 25. .

Several types of parties that are mainly hold by teens and young adults are house parties, dance parties, and outdoor parties. In the United States and the United Kingdom the term _house party_ refers to a type of party where large groups of people get together at a private house, to socialize and consume alcoholic beverages. House parties which center around the consumption of beer which is pumped from a keg into plastic cups are called keg parties or “Keggers”. These parties are popular in the US amongst college students, but are technically illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to attend, and often, even older party-goers break the law for violating ordinances regulating noise and disorderly conduct.
Dance parties are gatherings in bars or community centers where the guests dance. The music for dance parties is usually selected and played by a powerful stereo system. Conversation is not an integral part of these parties as those who attend express themselves through their dancing and by gesturing.
Outdoor parties include bush parties and beach parties. Bush parties are a social event held in a secluded area of forest in which friends gather to drink beer and liquor and talk. These parties are often held around a bonfire to provide a source of light and warmth. A beach party is usually held on a sandy shoreline of a lake, river, or sea, and the gathering often centers around a bonfire.

Câu hỏi 26. Which party is not refered?

Câu hỏi 27. At a house party, ____________.


Câu hỏi 28. Guests come to a dance party mainly _____________.


Câu hỏi 29. A bush party is held _____________.


Câu hỏi 30. A bonfire is set _____________.


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