Hệ thống Trắc nghiệm Ôn thi  Công chức Số 1 Việt Nam
Hệ thống Trắc nghiệm Ôn thi  Công chức Số 1 Việt Nam
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Đề thi công chức Tiếng Anh A2 (Bậc 2) số 38 (Free)

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: 30 phút
Đề thi công chức Tiếng Anh A2 (Bậc 2) số 38 (Free)
Đề trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh công chức A2 ( bậc 2) số 38 theo chuẩn của Bộ Nội vụ trên máy tính bao gồm 30 câu: 15 câu trắc nghiệm, 10 câu đục lỗ, 5 câu đọc hiểu. Làm bài và chấm điểm online

Hướng dẫn làm bài

Hướng dẫn làm bài thi trắc nghiệm:

1. Đợi đến khi đến thời gian làm bài
2. Click vào nút "Bắt đầu làm bài" để tiến hành làm bài thi
3. Ở mỗi câu hỏi, chọn đáp án đúng
4. Hết thời gian làm bài, hệ thống sẽ tự thu bài. Bạn có thể nộp bài trước khi thời gian kết thúc bằng cách nhấn nút Nộp bài
Mặc dù câu hỏi và lời giải đã được biên soạn và kiểm tra kỹ lưỡng nhưng trong quá trình thực hiện có thể có sai sót. Mọi đóng góp ý kiến về nội dung và đáp án xin vui lòng comment ngay dưới từng đề thi hoặc inbox Fanpage. Xin trân trọng cảm ơn !
Câu hỏi 1. How long ____ Gerry?
Câu hỏi 2. How many times ____ New York?
Câu hỏi 3. She ____ French words for hours, but she still doesn't remember all of them.
Câu hỏi 4. My father ____.
Câu hỏi 5. Oh dear, the light ____ all night.
Câu hỏi 6. The boy waved his hands to his mother, who was standing at the school gate, to ………….. her attention.
Câu hỏi 7. He is one of the most ………. bosses I have ever worked with. He behaves rudely to not only me but also others in the staff.
Câu hỏi 8. If a boss wants to have a well-qualified staff, he should have to pay his employees ……
Câu hỏi 9. I have never seen such a beautiful dress ……….. you before.
Câu hỏi 10. Some of the participating schools have also decided to use green cleaning products, which are safer since they do not ……. harmful chemicals into the environment.
Câu hỏi 11. My parents are glad ____ my success in finding a job after graduation.
Câu hỏi 12.  It isn't ____ for him to take charge of the financial burden on his family.
Câu hỏi 13. My teacher always gives me advice ____ suitable career in the future.
Câu hỏi 14. We're ____ to announce that you were selected to be our new faculty manager.
Câu hỏi 15. It is unnecessary for ____ to do this task. It's not ours.
Câu hỏi 16. Movements and gestures by the hands, arms, legs, and other parts' of the body and face are the most pervasive types of nonverbal messages and the most difficult to control. 'It is estimated that there are over 200.000 physical signs capable of stimulating meaning in another person. For example, there are 23 distinct eyebrow movements, each capable of stimulating a different meaning.
Humans express attitudes toward themselves and vividly through body movements and postures. Body movements express true messages about feelings that cannot be masked. Because such avenues of communication are visual, they travel much farther than spoken words and are unaffected by the presence of noise that interrupt, or cancels out speech.People communicate by the way they walk, stand, and sit. We tend to be more relaxed with friends or when addressing those of lower status.
Body orientation also indicates status or liking of the other individual. More direct orientation is related to a more positive attitude.Body movements and postures alone have no exact meaning, but they can greatly support or reject the spoken word. If these two means of communication are dichotomized and contradict each other, some result will be a disordered image and most often the nonverbal will dominate.

Question: Face gestures ________.
Câu hỏi 17. Body communication is ________.
Câu hỏi 18. According to the text, body movements cannot express ________.
Câu hỏi 19. Nonverbal communication ________.
Câu hỏi 20. Which part of body is not used to send body message?
Câu hỏi 21. The ongoing changes in society, politics and economy lead to not only the raise of women's role in society but (21) _____ change the prejudice to treat human beings by sex that had been shaping through decades. From a legal point of (22) _____, a man and a woman are born to be (23) _____.
However, in practice, there is no real equality for women's active participation in social life. Housework, chores and raising children are generally considered to (
24) _____ to a woman's domain. (25) _____ the fact that birthrates in many countries have been falling, children are obstacles in the labor force. It is understandable that women decide to (26) _____ having children later or do not have children at all. Women comprise 54 percent of contemporary society. However, the number of women taking part in the country's political, economic and civic life shows that women are restricted in the fields of politics and government.
Women's salaries are on (
27) ____ lower than men's, and women are often victims of violence and unemployment. According to United Nations Gender Organization data, 67 percent of those unemployed are women. Women have less (28) _____ to retraining programs than men, (29) _____ for those who are bearing and rearing children. Women's social status is a serious problem. Few women can be found in positions of social importance.
This strengthens the stereotype of "male superiority" and hinders the creation of true partnerships between men and women. So, the main goals are protection of women's rights,
30) _____ of discrimination in society, and widening women's participation at regional and national levels.
Câu hỏi 22. .
Câu hỏi 23. .
Câu hỏi 24. .
Câu hỏi 25. .
Câu hỏi 26. .
Câu hỏi 27. .
Câu hỏi 28. .
Câu hỏi 29. .
Câu hỏi 30. .
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